Spiritual Life Coach

Hi, I'm Simona.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs gain the confidence, clarity and freedom to step into their full potential, express their unique purpose and create their dream life.

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self-reflection prompts

Journalling Workbook

Use the journalling prompts inside this Workbook to reflect on how you feel and to connect with yourself on a deeper level, before and after your yoga practice.

Guided Meditation

True Self Meditation

Listen to this 10min guided meditation to connect with your True Self, embrace your authenticity and start living up to your fullest potential every single day.

About Me

My mission is to help you find and express your purpose, so that you can create the happy, meaningful and fulfilling life you deserve.

I thought I was pursuing my passion when I chose a career in Fashion, but after 4 years I realised it was no longer fulfilling me. 

I decided it was time to step into my Purpose, stop playing small and finally start living up to my full potential. The process brought a lot of my fears, self-doubt and insecurities to the surface.

After doing the inner work and letting go of my past conditioning, I was able to shed the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and start showing up fully and authentically as my True Self.

I went from stuck, overwhelmed and unfulfilled to confident, excited and living with Purpose. My goal now is to help other vision-driven entrepreneurs align with their purpose, cultivate a mindset for success and create the life of their dreams.

YouTube Channel

Spiritual Wisdom in a Practical Way

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I made videos on yoga philosophy, spiritual psychology and mindset. I share meditations, visualisations and mindfulness practices to help you live up to your fullest potential. 

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